12th Seikyo Brewery Open Day

This spring take a trip to Takehara and Seikyo.

It’s that time again for our popular brewery open day!

Held in the beautiful cherry blossom season of mid-April.

A fun-filled day of sake, brewery tours and tasting competitions – we invite you to visit Seikyo in the heart of Takehara, the Little Kyoto of Aki.

Event Details
April 14, 2018 (Sat.)
10 a.m. ~ 3 p.m. (cancelled only in event of heavy rain)
※Drinking alcohol and driving is prohibited by law.

Please refrain from tasting and drinking if you plan to drive a car or motorbike or ride a bicycle.

※No car parking available. Please do not use car parking at nearby shops as it is a great inconvenience for our neighbors. We kindly request you use public transportation for your visit.