Seikyo Junmai Ginjo Princess Michiko🌹 Limited released in mid-April.

Princess Michiko" is one of the rose varieties, which was dedicated by Queen Elizabeth II of United Kingdom to then Princess Michiko, the current Empress Emerita.  The contrast between the dark green leaves and the reddish dark orange color of this rose is very beautiful.

Tokyo University of Agriculture succeeded in isolating yeast from the flower of this rose. Currently, only eight breweries make sake with the “Princess Michiko” flower yeast.  Those breweries are owned by the graduates of Tokyo University of Agriculture who are also the winners of the Tokyo University of Agriculture Management Award, and Nakao Brewery is one of them.

“Junmai Ginjo Princess Michiko" is made from Omachi rice polished to 55%.  A lot of time and care go into “rice koji making” which determines the taste of sake the most.

Please enjoy the gorgeous and elegant aroma from the flower yeast as well as the refreshing acidity.

◆Release date: Wed. April 12. 2023

◆Limited production